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Universität Göttingen

Tomography by Atom Probe / Field Ion Microscopy

Leader: PD Dr. Talat Al-Kassab/ Dr. C. Nowak

Research topics: Research methods:
  • Phase transformations: Both thermo-dynamical stable and meta-stable equilibrium transformations are of current interest.
  • Characterization of the metal/ceramics phase interface. In particular the metal/ oxide interface is intensely studied.
  • Thermal stability and inner interface reactions in nano-crystalline materials. A special emphasis is placed on the influence of the aging or service temperature on the kinetics and thermo-dynamical transformations. These transformations result in consequence of the increasing mobility of the different species of the nano-scaled material even at unexpected lower temperatures.
  • Tomographic Atom Probe (TAP)
  • Field Ion Mikroscopy (FIM)
  • Field Ion Tomography (cFIIT)
  • Sputter equipment

Group members:

Priv. Doz. Dr. Talaat Al-Kassab

Dr. Carsten Nowak

Dipl.-Phys. Thomas Rademacher

Tobias Schulz

M.Sc. Michael Sobol

The FIM group